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  • Make sure you arrive at least an hour before judging starts to give yourself and your dog plenty of time.
  • Always park where directed by the Car Park Stewards, try and avoid parking in direct sunlight or with the sun on the back of your car.
  • Make sure to find where the "Dogs Exercise Area" is, keep your dog on a lead and save their energy for their work.
  • Have a cover available to cover your vehicle if it is hot.



  • Leave your dog in your car while you spend the time looking for your ring, remember to keep your dog safe if it is hot.
  • Make sure you have a pen, you may have been sent a Running Order, check which class and part you are in.
  • Ring Plans are usually near the Secretary’s desk, look where your class is, remember there is likely to be more than one part as only a maximum of 60 dogs are in one part.
  • Your ring number will usually be at the lowest scheduled class you entered.  If you have entered any special classes your number will be at your Pre-Beginner ring (unless you have only entered special classes)
  • DO NOT tick your number off on the score sheet on the desk, this is for the judge and scoreboard steward’s use.
  • Numbers will be in an envelope or container on the desk and once you have your number write on the back the following:

Class and part

Stay time

Judge’s lunch time

  • Go and ‘book in’ for any other classes you have entered, make sure you note your number and the same information as above.
  • If you cannot find your number at ringside, go to the Secretary’s desk and they will provide you with your number.  DO NOT write out your own number.


  • Running orders take away the guesswork when you are working a class. 
  • Remember that not every competitor comes to the show on the day so watch to see how many have booked in before you. 
  • It is your responsibility to be ready to go into the ring when it is your time, even if you are fourth in running order if the second does not turn up you are moved to third.
  • Quite a few people train their dogs and may not do the full round so they may come out of the ring quicker than expected.


  • Make sure you know where the stay ring is and give yourself plenty of time to toilet and get your dog ready for the stay ring in good time.
  • You must be punctual, you will not be able to enter the ring if you are late.
  • Check with the stay steward that you have the correct class and part for stays, if you do the wrong stays you cannot go back and do the right ones.
  • Keep food and toys well away from the ring.
  • Before stays you will be asked by the steward for your number and breed of dog - tell them both clearly.


  • If you do not have a running order you can choose when to work. 
  • There may be a sheet on the desk where you can add your number to show when you want to work, most competitors put their name down with the scoreboard steward. 
  • Make sure you have time to go and get your dog if you need to.
  • Keep watching how many competitors are left to work your class - you cannot keep the judge waiting when you are the only competitor left to work.
  • Check the scoreboard during the day - you may not think you have done well but you can still end up with a rosette....
  • If you decide not to work or are going to leave the show early make sure you tell the scoreboard steward so you can be crossed off the list, if there is no scoreboard steward you can write ‘withdrawn - thank you’ alongside your number and dog’s name on the booking sheet.  This is common courtesy, but particularly important if you have done stays as a judge will normally wait for someone who has done stays.


  NO PRE-REGISTRATION required for:

  • Ringcraft
  • All Obedience Classes
  • All Good Citizen Classes 

(Training fees for these classes are payable on attendance only)


Closed on Bank Holiday Monday's






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